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For newbies to build up to an hour of continuous running (with race plan option).

Both Premium Performance Plans and Base to Race Plans require a minimum of an hour's running as your long run for the starting point. Running Wizard provides the most individualized Up and Running plans to safely and effectively get you up to run for an hour (for anybody whose "long run" is 15-minutes up to 40-minutes: total length of the plan varies). Up and Racing plans provide 12 to 20 weeks to get you ready for a 5k up to a 10-mile race. For those who want to train for a half marathon and up, we recommend you get to an hour first with an Up and Running plan and then do a Running Wizard Premium Performance Plan or Base to Race Plan. For those who are not quite ready to handle 15-minutes of non-stop running, we recommend you check out our free e-book for beginners.

Up and Running$29.95

Up and Racing$39.95