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"The most intelligent training system out there."
-Frank Shorter, 1972 Gold and 1976 Silver Medal Olympic Marathon

The Gold Standard of Training Worldwide

Each Running Wizard plan is formulated on the concept of PHASING to optimize your training. Popularized by the world’s most influential endurance coach of modern times, Arthur Lydiard, this sequential development of your energy systems is the gold standard of coaching worldwide and is the most reliable method to produce peak performances. If you have not been training Lydiard get ready for a quantum leap in your running performance!

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Premium Performance Plans

For seasoned runners seeking personal peak performances.

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Base to Race Marathon & Half-Marathon

For those with limited fitness who just want to go the distance.

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Up and Running & Up and Racing

For newbies to build up to an hour of continuous running (with race plan option).

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Final Surge

The Training Log for Athletes, Coaches, Teams and Clubs. Final Surge is the official training log of the Five Circles and powers Running Wizard training plans!

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